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Nutrition Strategies for your family

Family & Co. Nutrition offers nutrition strategies based on the latest scientific evidence while keeping in mind the busy lifestyle of your family.

Our goal is that you feel supported and informed so that you can take the best nutrition decisions, whatever that looks like for your family.

Sound and practical advice for your family to implement right away, so that everyone enjoys a healthy diet at all ages.

Family & Co. Nutrition offers sound evidence-based nutrition strategies that your family can implement right now with our support.

We guide new parents as they shape their approach to easily and happily manage the nutrition of their family.

About us

Family & Co. Nutrition understands the busy lifestyle of your family – that is why we are an online nutrition service. Our goal is to support your family in making nutrition choices that suits your parenting style and your family reality.

Our team

We are 2 registered dietitians passionate about food, health and family. We are still debating if we prefer science or food, reading scientific articles or cooking a storm in the kitchen. One thing for sure, both are better with a piece of cheese.


Our blog

We translate the latest evidence in easy-to-read posts. You will get the science, our professional opinion, practical tips and common sense. Knowledge is accessible to your family and it is the first step to adopting the lifestyle that will keep your family happily healthy.

Our values

Professional – Evidence-based

Accessible – Nuanced


We strive to make you and all parents feel respected, valued, and empowered so you can make the right nutrition choices for your  family.

Our story

We met in the lab, but our friendship really grew at the dinner table. We envisioned this nutrition service for new parents that want to read trust-worthy content on nutrition. Even better, it’s written by science expert that haven’t lost sight of the crazy adventure that is parenthood.



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We know our nutrition strategies will resonate with you and your family. Give us a shout, share our pages and tell your friends. And don’t be shy, get in touch if you have questions or suggestions.

Hearing from your family is what we prefer.

Why we are different

Our strategies are science-based, yet they are applicable and realistic for your busy lifestyle.

We put your family first, trust you to take the best decisions, and are by your side as you feed your family.

We are non-judmental, empathic and professional. But you should see by yourself, and let us support you and your family in your next food adventure.

Our Latest Work

We translate the latest nutrition evidence in ready-to-apply strategies for you and your family.

No headache.

We review the science, digest the facts, keep in mind your busy lifestyle… all this with a professional, yet personal touch, that your family will appreciate.

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