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Maude Perreault

Maude Perreault

Registered Dietitian - Hamilton, ON and online


Maude didn’t hesitate too long when it came time to chose nutrition as her area of work, but she did hesitate between working in the lab or guiding families on their journey to a healthier life. She also had a lot of fun teaching kids about science and running an outreach science program in her community.

Her Eureka moment came when she decided she could actually do all of this… Doing all the sciency stuff in the lab, while connecting and helping out families through Family & Co. nutrition. The best of both world: bringing credible nutrition knowledge to families who have real-life questions.

Originally from Québec, science brought her to Ontario…and her now-husband convinced her to stay!



Bachelor’s degree (BSc Nutrition) Université de Montréal

    Area of work: pre and post natal nutrition, nutrition for children 0-18 years old

Master’s degree (MSc Health and Nutritional Sciences), University of Guelph

   Area of work: obesity and nutritional sciences

Doctoral student (PhD candidate, Medical Science) – Pediatrics, McMaster University

   Area of work: nutrition for women during and after pregnancy, nutrition for infants


In a nutshell

  • Food she can’t tolerate: Although I worked in a bakery for years, I can’t to this day tolerate multigrains and seeds-packed breads! (Am I a bird?)
  • Favorite food: bok choy and dried cranberries
  • Life saver kitchen gadget: Immersion blender (and a deep freezer…although not a gadget)
  • Life saver ingredients: canned beans, eggs
  • Least favorite task in the kitchen: slicing bread (crumbs everywhere!).
  • If you stop by her house for dinner she is likely to make: homemade pizza and a huge salad on the side (with dried cranberries).
  • The scientific fact that blows her mind: the field of Developmental origin of health and disease… basically the fact that what your mother (and even grandmother) has been doing before and during pregnancy might determine your likeliness of being healthy later in life. Isn’t the human body amazing?
  • Favorite saying : Can we live our life? (as in, Let’s fully enjoy now, without the pressure of being efficient all the time)
  • When she doesn’t cook or eat, she spends time doing: binge reading, going for walks, operating power tools (if only a drill could be used in the kitchen!)
Marie-Noël Geoffrion

Marie-Noël Geoffrion

Registered Dietitian - Montréal, QC and online


Marie has always been a food lover. She loves to be in the kitchen, cooking a meal that she’ll savour with her family. She discovered the infinite knowledge of nutritional science as a second career (the first one was still all about food!).

For several years, she has worked as a scientific senior advisor and she started to feel that, while she loves her job, something was missing. She wanted to share her knowledge with more people. She felt it was her duty as a professional to guide interested people through the maze of information about nutrition. On the other hand, she always felt a deep connection with babies, kids and teens. She loves to be surrounded by them, and they don’t seem to hate it either!



Bachelor’s degree (BSc Nutrition), Université de Montréal

Area of work: nutrition and dietetics, nutrition for adults with chronic illnesses

Master’s degree (MSc Nutrition), Université de Montréal

Area of work: Preventive nutrition, determinants of weight in children


In a nutshell

  • Food she can’t tolerate: giblets and offals. I’d rather not eat, thanks.
  • Favorite food: OMG Cheese. And juicy fruits that taste like heaven (pineapple, orange, grapes, …)
  • Lifesaver kitchen gadget: Pressure cooker
  • Lifesaver ingredients: Frozen vegetables, hummus, nuts, eggs
  • Least favorite task in the kitchen: peeling potatoes! At home, mashed potatoes come with the peel!
  • If you stop by her house for dinner she is likely to cook: A carrot/ginger soup (always one ready in my freezer) and a mushroom and cheese omelette
  • The scientific fact that blows her mind:  The science of weight. Everything I thought I knew was wrong…it came from what the industry of weight loss wanted me to believe.
  • Favorite saying: Life is too short to eat (or do) anything I don’t feel like eating (or doing). I don’t know what I don’t know so I’d rather be humble about what I (might) know.
  • When she doesn’t cook or eat, she spends time doing: Talking philosophy, learning foreign languages, playing sports


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