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No, you are not eating for 2

A safe pregnancy includes appropriate food intake, meeting nutrients requirements, avoiding risky food items, and ensuring the safe handling, storing and cooking of food.

Why we won’t tell you how to introduce solid food to your baby

Purées? Whole food? Infant cereals? …What on earth are they supposed to eat? You’ve heard of baby-led weaning but aren’t sure it is for you and baby… Between what Instagram and your best friend have suggested, no wonder you are left unsure about what is the most appropriate for your family and your child. We are here to help out.

The golden rule: on the road to happy family meals

Because no one wants to fight at the dinner table   Are you dreading family meals? Nothing is more irritating than kids having a tantrum at the dinner table…even worse when it’s at the restaurant!   Are you often cooking separate meals because your kids won’t eat the...

We are here to help you NoW.

What are your challenges when it comes to feeding your children and family?

What would help you make better nutrition choices for your family?

What are your concerns regarding establishing a healthy relationship with food for your family?