Baby arrives and so does challenge!

When baby arrives, mom will need some rest. But that’s gonna be luxury!

It’s no surprise that newborns need constant attention. Between diapers, affection, rocking, learning, feeding, singing… mothers might have a hard time to do anything else then caring for that new little human being.

Of course fathers/partners have an important role and can certainly take an active role in caring for new baby. But reality is that they will often go back to work, and try to keep up with the new responsibilities on evening and weekends shifts! Everybody is working 24/7 and severely lacking sleep… so time is gold!


When baby arrives, free time will be nowhere to be found! Baby will need mom, mom will need dad/partner, and dad/partner will need planning (F&Co. ;)!)

Meal prep for 5-minutes meals

Pre-cooked and frozen meals will save your life (and sanity!) once baby arrives.

Of course, the traditional strategy to stack the freezer full with ready to reheat meals stands. You could do this before baby arrives (and that is always a great gift to add to your baby shower idea list!).

We are offering other strategies to keep your family sane in the first weeks and even months post-partum. Because you won’t have time to restock the whole freezer once baby is here and you’ve eaten all you had prep.

1- Cook a big batch of whole grain pasta or rice and freeze it in individual portions. Even though it is not a meal, it will be easy to complete: add tomato sauce, olive oil, cheese, fresh tomatoes, nuts, etc.

2- Cook and peel hard boiled eggs at the beginning of the week.

3- Always have frozen vegetables ready to cook: all groceries stores now sale high-quality frozen vegetables. No prep need. Roll in olive oil, and just put it in the oven for grilled vegetables.

4- Meal soup. A recipe that contains a protein source. Double the recipe and freeze. Easy to complete with pita bread and a piece of cheese for a complete (and quick) meal.

5- Meatballs. Go nuts. Take 1 hour to make as many as you can and then freeze them on a cookie sheet. Once frozen, transfer them in a bag and store in your freezer for future use. You can add them to pasta, soup, rice…

6- Homemade granola with nuts and dried fruits as you wish. Again, double your recipe and it will last a long time. Added on some yogurt, with a banana and you got yourself a meal.

7- Meat/lentils tomato sauce. Freeze in individual servings for easy pasta dish.

8- Grill veggies: mushrooms+garlic, peppers+onions, zucchini+onions, and freeze in 250ml (1 cup) portion. You can add to any meal to get yourself some veggies.

9- Black beans patties. For express burgers. Freeze pre-formed on a cookie sheet, then transfer into a bag for future use.

10- Energy balls. A mixture of dates, nuts, and nut butter (like this one that you can freeze. They make for perfect night feeding snacks!

A bonus one!

11-Mashed potatoes (with or without the peels! Hahaha! If you don’t get it, see Marie’s bio!), frozen in portions.

Meal prep for delicious and nutritious 5-minutes meals. It is a real lifesaver with a new baby in the family!


And please, dads, connect with us!

Tell us what you need, and how we can help you and your family.

Do you have any questions on how to prepare your family for the first weeks?

We have so much faith and admiration for dads/partners!

We really want to include you in our journey!

Still hungry?

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