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We are Maude and Sarthak, your pediatric nutrition specialist team. Can we help you achieve your family’s health and wellness goals?

We love guiding new dads and moms at the start of their family’s nutrition journey. We want to help you feel confident and competent in raising a family of happy eaters.

Why you can trust us

We have over 20+ years of research experience and our work has been published in these science journals:

Maude Perreault, MSc, RD

Registered Dietitian

Sarthak Matravadia, PhD

Family Nutritionist

Nutrition coaching that helps with baby’s first year milestones

Family & Co. Nutrition helps new dads and moms with family nutrition so you can feel confident and competent in raising happy eaters!

We’re Maude and Sarthak, your nutrition scientists. Maude is a registered dietitian focusing on pediatric nutrition, and Sarthak is a lifestyle nutritionist that has worked in the dietary supplement industry.

Once we got married (to each other!) and became parents, we realized how quickly life goes by with a baby. As parents, it was hard to find science based nutrition advice that was straightforward. As professionals, we concluded there weren’t too many credible nutrition resources for new dads and moms.

We created Family & Co. Nutrition to be the personalized nutrition coach we wish we had as new parents. Our strategies are based on the latest science, and suit your busy parent lifestyle.

How may we help you achieve your family’s nutrition goals?

Learn the best way to raise happy eaters

As new dads and moms it can be tricky to feed your child. Being prepared for each milestone can feel overwhelming. It’s even more challenging when there’s complications.

Being unsure about what to do can make any parent feel guilty. There’s a lot of information out there… which voices do you trust? The short answer is to trust your own voice! With our support, your voice will grow in confidence and strength.

Instead of fearing the changes your child will go through, we want to help you feel prepared and embrace their development. You’re the expert of your child, we’re the experts in nutrition. Let’s work together!

Can you benefit from our nutrition coaching?

As new dads and moms feeling overwhelmed, are you left wondering:
• How much breastmilk should a newborn eat?
• Do I start with pureed food or solids? what are the benefits of baby led weaning?
• What are kid friendly meals for picky eaters?
• How do I safely start introducing allergenic foods to babies?

Figuring out the best way to feed your baby can be hard and it doesn’t always come naturally.

Every baby is different, and every family is different. We are here to help you. The goal is for your family to learn and grow together.

Imagine working with your partner as a team, knowing the best nutrition strategies, and handling family meals with confidence.

We offer nutrition coaching tailor-made for your family’s needs. Our strategies combine science based nutrition techniques and our profesional experience, so you have peace of mind knowing your kids will grow up healthy.


Bilingual family nutrition services

How can we best serve you? Comment pouvons-nous vous aider?

Private Consultation

We work one-on-one with your family and give you personalized strategies.

Host Group Classes

We create a customized program based on your private group's learning goals

Nutrition Workshops

We host workshops that help address popular first-year nutrition questions

Community Partnerships

We work with businesses to deliver nutrition programs for their clients

Continuing Education

We review the latest scientific evidence with your healthcare practitioner team

Weekly blog posts on family nutrition

Advice and nutrition solutions for busy parents

We publish weekly posts to answer the most common family health and wellness questions.

We help new dads and moms with practical tips, insights on the latest pediatric nutrition research, and plenty of FREE and printable resources.

Nutrition myth: food before one is just for fun

Food Before One is Just for Fun (Nutrition Myths)

Food before one is not just for fun. It serves many purposes from meeting nutritional and developmental needs to establishing family dynamics.

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Family & Co. Nutrition helps new dads and moms feel confident and competent in raising happy eaters. We focus on the nutrition milestones during your baby's first year. You can trust our science based nutrition strategies and professional experience, so you have peace of mind knowing your baby will grow up healthy.

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