Where is the reliable nutrition info?

From the time I was pregnant, we struggled to find a consistent, reliable, and easy-to-access source of information. How come was it so hard to find credible and supportive answers to my nutrition questions?
Sure, our midwives were fantastic. Our family doctor was up to date on the medical guidelines.
But we came across many resources that didn’t align with our family’s nutrition values and goals. These included:
  • targeting only moms, in a language that we both could not relate to
  • being disrespectful to dads/partners, with a sense that mothers have to take care of 2 babies (the actual baby, and the partner), not representing the family we aspire to be
  • not listing facts and information with references, making it difficult to assess the credibility of the info we were reading
  • mostly mothers sharing their opinions, which felt quickly overwhelming as all babies are different

Offering the services we wished existed!

Since we work in the area of nutrition research, we are up-to-date with the latest scientific evidence. So, we started Family & Co. Nutrition as a suite of services for parents like us:
  • first-time parents with no clue where to start
  • a minimal support structure: social circle where not many friends have kids, grandparents somehow involved but not physically present, etc.
  • love to be informed but have limited time, energy and desire to deep dive in the world wide web on every topic
  • wanting to take informed decisions, even if that means not always following what the guidelines say
  • raising babies in a family where parents are equal partners, sharing the parental responsibilities
  • wanting to use an approach that combines common sense + what science has shown being the best practices
  • respecting our family values in the world of parenting where everyone has an (unsolicited) advice
  • searching for guidance, support, and a sense of “you’ve got this” feeling

We want to help first time parents feel confident

This is how we created Family & Co. Nutrition:
  • I am a registered dietitian working specifically with pregnant moms and babies…
  • Sarthak is a nutritionist, now RD2B, who loves researching info and condensing it into an easy-to-digest format.
  • We were new parents with some life experience, but always learning.
  • We know how to navigate the health and science worlds, and now, we also appreciate the feelings and challenges of parenthood and feeding a growing baby.
  • Why wouldn’t we create what we wished we had stumbled upon when we were on the journey as first-time parents?
Family & Co. Nutrition

We make first-time parents feel competent and confident with their baby’s nutrition.

Helping you feel competent when feeding baby!

It is normal to not know.
It is normal to feel insecure, unsure, not fully (or at all) in control.
We want to help.
We know how to help.

Weekly blog posts answering questions parents like you have asked us


We have answered real people’s questions, including ours as parents.

We work with first time parents at different stages of the parenthood journey

pregnancy – babies – toddlers – preschoolers


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