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As new dads and moms it can be tricky to feed your child. Being prepared for each milestone can feel overwhelming. It’s even more challenging when there’s complications.

Being unsure about what to do can make any parent feel guilty. There’s a lot of information out there… which voices do you trust? The short answer is to trust your own voice! With our support, your voice will grow in confidence and strength.

Instead of fearing the changes your child will go through, we want to help you feel prepared and embrace their development. You’re the expert of your child, we’re the experts in nutrition. Let’s work together!

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We have over 20+ years of research experience and our work has been published in these science journals:

Family & Co. Nutrition helps new dads and moms feel confident and competent in raising happy eaters. We focus on the nutrition milestones during your baby's first year. You can trust our science based nutrition strategies and professional experience, so you have peace of mind knowing your baby will grow up healthy.

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