Continuing nutrition education for healthcare providers

Improve patient care and increase job satisfaction

Benefits of continuing nutrition education

Now offered in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

The healthcare industry evolves so quickly, and it can be difficult for practitioners to stay up-to-date.

Are you a healthcare practitioner or clinic owner that works with expecting and new parents? Are you looking for ways to invest in your team’s professional development? How will you keep up with the latest trends to provide your patients with the best care?

We offer continuing nutrition education designed to help your team stay current on the latest evidence. You’ll know how to address your patient’s nutrition questions, and when to refer to a registered dietitian.

The result? Improved expertise. Improved quality of patient care. Improved job satisfaction.

Why you can trust us

We have over 20+ years of research experience and our work has been published in these peer-reviewed journals. Learn more about our team’s expertise in family nutrition.

Helping pediatric and family healthcare providers

Our continuing education programs focus on the latest science based nutrition strategies so you can help new dads and moms.

Our nutrition expertise brings added value to your team

We make it easy:

We review the scientific literature and present it in a critical and concise way. Our team ensures your staff is comfortable translating and applying their new knowledge. We also provide handouts that your patients will find helpful.

We come to your clinic when it’s convenient for your staff, to help maximize participation. Your employees will receive a certificate of completion for their records.

Investing in your team’s continued professional development will help distinguish your clinic as a leader that provides cutting-edge patient care, with high job satisfaction among staff.

We work with:

• Pediatricians
Family doctors, nurses, and clinic staff
• Health and wellness centers
• Midwife clinics

What you can expect:

Time-efficient and focused learning

Customized program for your staff

Convenient summaries and handouts

Follow up support from our team

Interactive and fun team learning

Our goals

Offering science based

nutrition solutions

Providing support

without judgment

Helping you feel

confident and competent

Bilingual family nutrition services

How can we best serve you? Comment pouvons-nous vous aider?

Private Consultation

We work one-on-one with your family and give you personalized strategies.

Host Group Classes

We create a customized program based on your private group's learning goals

Nutrition Workshops

We host workshops that help address popular first-year nutrition questions

Community Partnerships

We work with businesses to deliver nutrition programs for their clients

Continuing Education

We review the latest scientific evidence with your healthcare practitioner team

Let’s create your continuing education plan

We make it easy to work together

Online Meetings

Convenient for on-the-go business owners

Refer to a partner clinic

Locations in Hamilton, Ontario

Off-site visits

We bring our expertise to you




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Family & Co. Nutrition helps new dads and moms feel confident and competent in raising happy eaters. We focus on the nutrition milestones during your baby's first year. You can trust our science based nutrition strategies and professional experience, so you have peace of mind knowing your baby will grow up healthy.

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