Helping parents conquer picky eating

Want your kids to enjoy eating a variety of food?

We’re fellow parents, and a registered dietitian-nutrition scientist team.

Our Nutrition services support parents to team up, conquer picky eating, and foster a positive food environment at home. This way, kids eat a variety of food without fuss, and everyone enjoys family meals.


Maude Perreault, RD, PhD

Registered Dietitian

Sarthak Matravadia, PhD, RD2Be

Nutrition Scientist

We offer a virtual Nutrition program 

  • To help parents prevent or conquer picky eating 
  • To get kids to progress from baby food to family meals
  • To foster a positive food atmosphere
  • To help parents troubleshoot when they have difficulties with feeding their kids
  • To relieve parents from the guilt and stress of feeding kids
  • To expand kids variety of accepted foods
  • To ensure parents are on the same page with feeding their kids

Have you ever felt:

…Frustrated your child won’t take a single bite?

…Tired of having to cook a second meal for your picky eater?

…Discouraged that despite all your efforts, your picky eater is having tantrums at the table?

…Guilty that your child is not eating well and that s/he might miss on nutrients?

…Stressed that your child should be eating more?

…Most of the pressure is on your shoulders?

…Unsure if your child is growing normally, and what to expect at each nutrition milestone?

Discouraged by conflicting feeding advice on mommy blogs, Facebook groups, and YouTube videos?

…Confused and just wanted one trustworthy source for nutrition information?

…Desperate for you and your partner to align on the best way to feed your kids?

Parents work with us to:

  • Conquer picky eating
  • Let go of mom guilt and stress that comes with feeding kids
  • Learn kids nutrition fundamentals from an expert
  • Ensure parents team up and agree on a feeding approach
  • Develop a feeding strategy that reflects their unique food values  
  • Align their feeding strategy with their kids’ developmental milestones
  • Streamline family meals and minimize fusiness
  • Progress with family meals while expanding food acceptance
  • Create a family food environment free from shame and guily

Nutrition services that fit your needs:

We accommodate your unique needs and adapt a pace that works best for you and your family. Let’s set you up for success!

Topics we can address:

  • Identifying family’s struggles with feeding their baby
  • Fundamentals of introducing solid food
  • Baby’s nutritional needs and milestones
  • Preventing allergies
  • Developing an overall feeding strategy for your baby
  • How parents can work together, share responsibilities, and be accountable
  • Meal planning and ideas
  • Transforming family meals to be BLW friendly
  • Progressing towards family meal
  • Picky eating and limited food variety
  • Fussiness at the table
  • Family mealtime dynamic and rules
  • Fostering a positive relationship to food

Do you have a feeding strategy?

Our vision

Empowering parents to be equal partners that raise children in an enjoyable family food environment free from restrictions, shame, and guilt.

Why you can trust us

We have over 20+ years of nutrition research experience. We know how to help your baby eat well, grow optimally, and learn to love food!

How can we best serve you?

Comment pouvons-nous vous aider?

Appointments available online virtually, and in-person

**Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, all appointments are virtual**

We proudly serve clients at convenient locations: 

  • Virtually accross Ontario: using a secure online platform, from the comfort of your house
  • Dundas: Blueberry therapy, 14 Cross St. Unit B, Dundas, L9H 2R4
  • West Hamilton: Louden Health and Wellness, 393 King St W, Hamilton, L8S 3Z8

Both in-person locations have free parking, are stroller accessible, and baby-friendly.
We offer flexibility with appointment times during the day and evenings, on weekdays and weekends.

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