Helping parents work together and succeed at infant milestone feeding

Want your baby to grow normally and eat meals without fuss?

We’re fellow parents, and a registered dietitian-nutrition scientist team.

Our Milestone Nutrition Program instills equal partnership between parents, accountability, and helps infants meet their nutrition milestones to grow optimally.


Maude Perreault, RD, PhD

Registered Dietitian

Sarthak Matravadia, PhD, RD2Be

Nutrition Scientist

Have you ever felt:

…Tired of having to cook a second meal for your picky baby?

…Most of the pressure is on your shoulders?

…Unsure if your baby is growing normally, and what to expect at each nutrition milestone?

Discouraged by conflicting feeding advice on mommy blogs, Facebook groups, and YouTube videos?

…Confused and just wanted one trustworthy source for nutrition information?

…Desperate for you and your husband to be equal partners?

Is your baby starting solid foods?

Parents join our program to: 

  • Learn infant nutrition fundamentals from an expert
  • Ensure both parents have an equal role and are accountable
  • Develop a feeding strategy that reflects their unique food values  
  • Align their feeding strategy with baby’s developmental milestones
  • Streamline family meals and minimize pickiness
  • Create a family food environment free from shame and guilt

We offer a 6-week virtual milestone nutrition program that includes:

  • A 60 minute initial assessment of your family’s current struggles, and the ideal goals you want to work towards.
  • Two support calls (45 minutes each) where we work together to track your family’s progress, solve any urgent issues, and keep you moving towards your goals.
  • Light email support between calls for when you have quick questions and need some reassurance.
  • Resources to help with food safety, handling, and meal planning.

A breakdown of our 6-week program:

We accommodate your unique needs and adapt a pace that works best for you and your family. Let’s set you up for success!

Topics we can address:

  • Identifying family’s struggles with feeding their baby
  • Fundamentals of introducing solid food
  • Baby’s nutritional needs and milestones
  • Developing an overall feeding strategy for your baby
  • How parents can work together, share responsibilities, and be accountable
  • Meal planning and ideas
  • Transforming family meals to be BLW friendly
  • Family mealtime dynamic and rules

Does your current feeding strategy align with your baby’s milestones?

Our vision

Empowering parents to be equal partners that raise children in an enjoyable family food environment free from restrictions, shame, and guilt

Why you can trust us

We have over 20+ years of nutrition research experience. We know how to help your baby eat well, grow optimally, and learn to love food!

How can we best serve you?

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