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Maude Perreault, RD, PhD

Registered Dietitian

Sarthak Matravadia, PhD, RD2Be

Nutrition Scientist

Our story

Welcome! We are Maude and Sarthak, founders of Family & Co. Nutrition.

Maude is a Registered Dietitian working with pregnant women and babies, and Sarthak is Dietitian-in-training, with a PhD in lifestyle nutrition.

In 2012, we met in grad school at the University of Guelph, where we both worked doing nutrition research. We started dating, fell in love, and got married.

A few years later Maude was pregnant and we welcomed our son into the world.

Parent life is absolutely amazing, but a huge adjustment too. In the midst of all the life changes, we didn’t consider learning basic infant nutrition together, or how our mealtime dynamic would change with a baby.

Divided and conquered

Even though we both studied nutrition, our level of readiness for feeding a baby wasn’t the same.

Maude felt more ready being a Registered Dietitian that focused in pediatrics. Whereas, Sarthak’s specialty was related to exercise and obesity…quite different from feeding a baby.

A month before our son was born, Sarthak landed his dream job in the corporate world. He was adjusting to the demands of his new career, and didn’t have time to learn the basics of feeding a baby. Instead, he relied on Maude to lead the way.

But knowing how to feed a baby wasn’t enough. All of the burden was on Maude’s shoulders, and Sarthak was resigned to a passive support role.

He helped during family meals but depended on Maude’s guidance entirely. It simply wasn’t working, and we weren’t enjoying family meals.

We wanted to avoid a dynamic where the mother dictates all of the family’s nutrition decisions. That meant we had to be equal partners in feeding our son, backed with a feeding strategy we both agreed on. This allowed us to plan meals with ease, and send a consistent message to our son at the dining table.

A united front

Our strategy reflected important food values we had, and aspects of our unique ethnic backgrounds. Maude is French-Canadian, and Sarthak is of Indian descent, and we wanted our son to experience the best of both cultures.

We also eliminated behaviors related to food shame and guilt, which we were exposed to as children. Instead, we wanted our son to truly enjoy food free from shame and guilt.

We regained our enjoyment from family meals too, knowing our son was growing normally, with a healthy curiosity to explore all foods. There’s no room for shame or guilt in our kitchen.

Working with parents has shown us that moms usually take on the burden of learning how to feed baby. Most dads are willing to help, but don’t step up as a leader to help reduce the pressure on mom. Getting to a point where both parents are equal leaders is where the mismatch lies.

The result? Mom ends up cooking separate meals for a child that doesn’t eat solid foods well, has picky tendencies, and isn’t growing normally. Parents are left resentful, feeling guilty that they’ve failed, not knowing how to fix the problem.

The core value of Family & Co. Nutrition is to help parents work as equal partners, and create a food environment where their child eats and grows optimally.

Most infant nutrition advice is geared toward mothers, without catering to the unique voice and role of fathers. Some professional practices flat-out exclude dads. We’re here to change that, and we’ll help your family work as a team that learns and grows together.


Maude’s Education

Bachelor’s degree (BSc Nutrition)
Department of Nutrition, Université de Montréal
Area of work: pre and postnatal diet, nutrition for children 0-18 years old

Master’s degree (MSc Health and Nutritional Sciences)
Department of Human Health and Nutritionnal Sciences, University of Guelph
Area of work: fatty acids, inflammation, obesity

Doctorate (PhD Medical Science)
Department of Pediatrics, McMaster University
Area of work: nutrition for women during and after pregnancy, nutrition for infants


Sarthak’s Education

Bachelor’s degree (HonBSc)
Department of Biology, McMaster University
Area of work: biology with a focus on physiology

Master’s degree (MSc Physiology)
Department of Biology, McMaster University
Area of work: dietary supplements and healthy aging

Doctorate (PhD Lifestyle Nutrition)
Department of Human Health & Nutritional Sciences, University of Guelph
Area of work: exercise physiology, obesity, omega-3/-6 fat utilization, skeletal muscle metabolism

Bachelor’s degree (BASc)
Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, University of Guelph
Area of work: Nutrition and Dietitics, leading to Registered Dietitian



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