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Welcome! We are Maude and Sarthak, founders of Family & Co. Nutrition.

We’ve helped hundreds of parents conquer picky eating by focusing on a strong parenting team, celebrating cultural diversity, and encouraging a positive relationship with food in the home.

Family meals become less stressful, and kids eat a variety of foods to get those important nutrients to grow well.

What separates us from most family nutrition services? We encourage you and your partner to take full action together – it’s not all on mom’s shoulders!

These values reflect who we are as parents and as nutrition professionals. We met in grad school while doing nutrition research. We fell in love, got married, and started a family.

We noticed that most nutrition advice is catered toward moms. Sadly, gender imbalances very much exist to this day. We want to change that!

Raising our son to eat with curiosity and pleasure is challenging enough. But doing that while pursuing our careers, maintaining a happy marriage, and prioritizing self-care is a different beast.

Plus offering exposure to our unique food cultures is important for us. Maude is French-Canadian and Sarthak is Indian-Canadian; two very different upbringings, food values, and traditions.

We have found a way to align on what is important to us around food, and what we want to pass on to our son.

Our diverse clients have similar goals, but things don’t always click. Especially when parents aren’t on the same page.

They cook meals with love, only to see them rejected by their picky eaters. Not a single bite. Worse, a tantrum!

We know the pain, frustration, and worry. We want the best for our kids: to have a positive relationship with food and grow well!

We help our clients get there:
No more cooking separate meals.
No negotiations over one more bite.
No more ipad to distract them so they eat.

Keep scrolling and click on the images to learn more about us. We would love to get to know your family too!

Meet Our Team

Maude Perreault PhD RD

Maude Perreault, PhD, RD

Registered Dietitian

Sarthak Matravadia PhD

Sarthak Matravadia, PhD


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