To families (large and small) struggling with picky little ones, I am so grateful that my husband and I invested in Maude and her professional advice. As a mother, I was always lectured “if a child is hungry, he/she will eat”. My husband and I have a daughter (7) and son (4). Our daughter, we have struggled with since she went into daycare at 12 months (picky and fussy). Maude helped us set a routine (3 meals a day eating together), provide structure and implemented strategies to help our daughter explore new foods.

We found our daughter was always fearful of anything new. Our
daughter has tried new foods without fear since we invested in Maude. We spend quality time at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner table. Secondly, we have grown as a family. Lastly, a routine has helped my son sleep through the night in his own bed. I highly recommend Maude and her professional
advice. She is a great listener, patient, calm and very understanding of everyone’s unique/different family dynamic. Thank you, Maude, for your help!